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Take a look at what some of our customers had to say about our service.

Linda Joseph / Mason OH
I had a problem area at my front door that was very dirty and it was also wrinkled so badly that it was difficult to close my door. Very embarassing when somone came over. The guys from Christian Carpets not only took out the wrinkle but they cleaned it also and it looks like new! Thanks guys.

Terry K. / Florence KY
I just wanted to say thanks for squeezing me in on the sameday of the call. My carpets look great!

Deloris B. / Madeira OH
We had a very severe pet urine situation in the basement that we just couldn't get rid of. Justin and Mike pulled my carpet back and showed me how severe the damage was underneath. No wonder the smell was so bad! They replaced my padding and treated the back of the carpet and sure enough the smell went away!

Welcome to Greater Cincinnati's Only "TRUE" Full Service Carpet Cleaning Company.

We are proud to say that in 2007 & 2008 we completed more combination "Carpet Stretch & Clean" jobs that any other company in Greater Cincinnati!



1. If the urine has penetrated the carpet backing and has contaminated the padding or the sub-floor then just cleaning the carpets and spraying on deodorizer probably will not fully eliminate the odor.

As you can see in the photos below the pet urine has soaked thru the padding and damaged the sub-floor. Without being able to look underneath the carpet to assess the damage there is no way of knowing how serious the damage is.

Level 1:
If there is a faint smell of pet urine and conditions indicate light soiling that has not penetrated the carpet backing then this measure is usually effective in removing the source of the odor.

We use standard cleaning procedures and apply a topical post-treatment of deodorizer. So if the odor causing bacteria is residing above the carpet backing this approach normally eliminates the source of the odor.


Level 2:
If it is suspected that the urine has soaked into the carpet backing but maybe hasn't penetrated the padding then this level will do a better job than the one above to get to and destroy the odor causing bacteria. We first treat the carpeting with a pet urine pre-conditioner and apply it heavily so that it reacts with the carpet backing.

We then perform standard cleaning procedures and after the cleaning is complete we then treat the carpeting with a topical post-treatment of deodorizer. This is the most effective yet least intrusive way of getting rid of the odor causing bacteria without actually have to disengage the carpeting to look at the sub-floor.

Level 3:
The photos above are of carpeting that was heavily soiled with pet urine. The urine penetrated the carpets, padding and actually penetrated the wooden sub-floor. This level of contamination requires first a sub-floor inspection to survey the extent of the damage. To correct this problem the contaminated padding needs to be replaced.

We also either treat or seal the sub-floor. We then treat the backing of the carpeting with a enzyme digestor. Finally we re-install and clean the carpeting and then apply a topical post-treatment of deodorizer.

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Full Service Water Damage Restoration

Our certified technicians are able to complete the entire job from the initial water extraction to the reinstallation of your carpeting. We utilize digital moisture sensors and the latest dehumdification processes.
We pay up to 25% of your Deductible!


Cleaning carpeting and then spraying on a deodorizer does not always work when dealing with pet urine related odors...
If the urine has soaked thru the carpet backing and soaked into the padding, then for the treatment to effectively work - the back of the carpet and the padding should be exposed and treated.

Because every situation does not require this aggressive of an approach, we do offer a basic "clean and deodorize" that works just fine for most situations that we happen accross.




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